lessons of love and loss five years later

Richard taught me to speak genuinely about how you feel- to not leave words unspoken.
He taught me a half-truth is still a lie.
He taught me how to drink red wine.
He challenged me to write honestly, take chances, and travel as often as possible.

There are very few things about my life that don’t make me think of him…
When I went to Cambodia and visited Angkor Watt… he would have loved that!
When I went to Greece, he would have been all about it; he would have come with me, and not thought twice about the fact that there was no notice given.
Going through RCIA- he wasn’t Catholic, but there’s no doubt in my mind he would be sitting next to me every. single. Mass.
And in the past two days of field placement at CCI there have been no less than 1000 moments when he’s crossed my mind and I’ve had to re-wrestle with all the feelings.

I never told Richard about Jesus.  And that broke my heart in a way I’m positive nothing else ever will.  It also changed me in a way that I am most grateful for.