I am a goal setter and list maker by nature.

I’m my most comfortable when I start my day with a plan and end my day with tasks completed.  It’s a control thing.

Each January, I task myself with a spiritual, financial, physical, and relational goal. Each year I fail miserably… some failures are due to factors out of my control, others I am simply not diligent enough about. 

This year, some failures were somewhat life changing like the ending of a relationship.
Others were of less significance like goal races and paces. 

The danger with how I set goals is that if I’m not careful, I begin to associate my worth in goal attainment. 

While failure is not something I take lightly, or aspire to- it is a reality.
And with a little coffee, a few good laughs, and a whole lot of Jesus- I’m learning to be a little more gracious with my reality right now.

So with much grace, and willingness to re-goal when necessary, here are some things I’ll be attempting in 2018

Financial:: pay at least the first half of my student loans off
Physical:: complete two half marathons, beat last years sprint tri time
Relational:: more coffee dates and handwritten letters and generosity


here's to you 2018